Weolkan | 11 dec | festival Muziek bij de Buren | Zwolle



This coming Sunday 11th of December; the newly formed duo Weolkan (Dennis van Tilburg & Leela May Stokholm) will be performing in the living room of Els and Janneke on Ruysdaelstraat 92 in Zwolle, the Netherlands at festival Muziek bij de Buren Zwolle.
We play at 13:45 15:00 en 16:45. Come listen!

Weolkan is an experimental multilayered modular analogue electronics and voice duo of Dennis van Tilburg and Leela May Stokholm.

Like clouds passing, changing form Weolkan (old English for clouds) creates spheric landscapes, with drifting tone patterns, possible stories, poems and songs.
The Now is fleeting, and every moment creates an illusion of synchronicity and expectation of cohesion. Until it slowly dissolves into a new possible whole.
Improvising with self-built analogue electronics and voice van Tilburg and Stokholm create music that makes you lift, drift and travel.

Horse in Me, Run | 13 of July | De Kring, Amsterdam

HorseInMe&Frnds_LR-8629Photo Baldwin Henderson

Adventous pop improvisation/ indie folk
My music project/ band / travel in music, songs, visuals, stories and anecdotes to Iceland with all its myths, magic and breathtaking landscapes Horse in Me, run is playing again

Wednesday 13th of July at De Kring, Amsterdam.
At 20.30 hrs. Entrance 5 euro.

For more info – go to the website of De Kring here

Leela May Stokholm ( voice, lyrics, photos)
Jornt Duyx (guitar, piano, electronics)
Robbert van Hulzen (drums)

Born and developed at Rood Noot, Utrecht, the Netherlands.

horse in me logo

Image by Leela May Stokholm

Paper Body | Nina Boas | Das Theater Amsterdam | 2, 3 & 5 June

Paper Body
Nina Boas

How can we exist within this world of matter, experience and connections, and find our place?
I draw two figures on a white sheet of paper; I sculpt their movements carefully and they morph into a rock and an electric water boiler. The figures become performers, they enter the material world. I stage them as two objects, I see objects dressed up like humans. A play grows out of veiling and unveiling, out of light and shadow, stills and movement. We follow them into dream states, sensing their existence, their movements, wondering what they are to us.

Performers: Leela May Stokholm, Paula Chavez Bonilla
Adviser: Judith Schoneveld
Composer of sound: Barbara Ellison
Special thanks to: Willemijn Zevenhuijzen, Leander Haaitsema, Inez Almeida, Luca Hillen,Valentina Campora, Flavio Pons, Juul Beeren, Harco Haagsma, Barbara van Lindt, Jeroen Fabius and Abner Preis

Nina Boas is graduating from Das Theater, Master Program in Amsterdam.
Paper Body is performing at the Graduation performance festival 2-5th of June
We perform:

-Thursday 2nd of June at 19 hrs, Route Two
-Friday 3rd of June at 19 hrs, Route Two & 22hrs, Route One
-Sunday 5th of June at 17.30, Route Two & 19 hrs, Route One

For tickets go to this link

Location: DAS Graduate School, Overhoeksplein 2, Amsterdam


ZONDER TITEL | Rood Noot | 20-23 & 28-30 april 2016

flyer zonder titelZonder titel

“Zeg mij, nu wij onszelf de macht ontnemen, ons ontdoen van titels en regeringszorg, wie van jullie heeft ons het meeste lief?”

Tegendraadse montage van Shakespeare-teksten waarin neven-personages en tussenscènes een hoofdrol krijgen. Over leven en dood, liefde, lust en bedrog. Met vissers, zuipschuiten, dwarsliggers en geliefden die met elkaar en hun machthebbers in de clinch liggen

uit Macbeth, Timon of Athens, King Lear, Richard 2, As you like it, Coriolanus, the Merchant of Venice, Othello, Pericles, Romeo and Julia, Twelfth night, the Tempest, Hamlet..

door Leela May Stokholm, Wout de Boer en Peter Kolpa

p.s. je kunt ook direct reserveren via deze link:

Rood Noot’s 10 years celebration

My musical journey started at Rood Noot, where I worked on own texts and songs that ultimatedly lead to the creation of ‘Horse in me’, where I perform with the two musicians Jornt Duyx (guitar, samples and more) and Robbert van Hulzen (drums). An ‘indie folk’ band creating musical journey inspired by nature and the places I have travelled through.

This Sunday the 22nd of November 2015 Rood Noot celebrates their 10 years of existence. I am honored to be invited as one of the 12 artist to join in this weekend to make a special program that will be shown on Sunday from 14-19 hrs. We will also be playing with Horse in me. There will be guaranteed good vibes, lovely food and soup, and tea, coffee, wine, beer. Not to mention the free walking chickens and ponies at the farm.

Be highly welcome! Reserve tickets on this link

And here is the music video again that Annabel Hesselink made at Rood Noot

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/136800943″>Horse in me</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/annabelhesselink”>Annabel Hesselink</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Horse in me, run | concert and recording at Roodnoot | june 2015

Horse in me – ran to Iceland


This June I went on a 10 day travel to Iceland to let my self be inspired by the country, sagas and culture. And came back with a head full of amazing landscapes and a book full of new texts and songs. I met an afternoon with the two mucisians I had invited to work with me on the material. And on the 27th of June we held a concert at Roodnoot. Together with Jornt Duyx (guitar and electronics) and Robbert van Hulzen (drums) we improvised around the songs and took the audience on an hour long musical travel through Iceland  – the island of colours, myths and magic.

DSC_2985 DSC_2987 DSC_2992 DSC_2996 DSC_2951 DSC_2965

It was so great that we decided to record some of the songs. And make sure we would perform them again soon.

We will. On the 22nd of August at the Festival weekend of Buitenkunst, Randmeer.